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Kittens Can Finally See For The First Time After Being Found And Recovered

After being saved from the chilly streets of Las Vegas, Nevada (United States), when they were just kittens, a couple of them have now developed successfully owing to the care and attention of their foster mother.

A volunteer from Las Vegas named Patricia Lika learned of a pair of kittens in desperate need of assistance. The small ones had been discovered by a good-hearted individual, but she made the choice to bring them to the neighborhood rescue facility for adequate treatment.

The infant cats, who were around a week old, needed to be kept warm and fed continuously without the assistance of a feline mother.

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The rescue group brought the infants into Patricia’s care because they felt that given her training and expertise, she could offer them a shot at survival.

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The Grogu (White) and Princess Leia (Tuxedo) kittens have made it to their new house and are cuddling in bed together. The mom took the infants to the veterinarian after a few days because she started to notice that they had problems opening their eyes.

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“They had ophthalmia neonatorum, an illness that can develop after coming into touch with the infected mother’s birth canal. This is a critical situation that requires quick attention.

The two boys started receiving medical care, which included several warm compresses, medicines for the illness, and other eye drugs.

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She worked hard to get the kittens back on their feet because she was determined to keep the cats’ eyes open.

Patricia also said

“It is crucial that the eyes are kept clean at all times to prevent the infection from spreading and harming the eye permanently.”

Instagram/ fosterkittensvegas