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A Rescued Zebra And A Healing Baby Rhino Become Best Friends

Friendship is a virtue that may develop at any moment and with anybody, including both humans and animals.

Animals, in contrast to humans, have a more innocent and pure interaction with one another. Daisy is a rhino who was saved by the SANParks team in Kruger, South Africa, when she was only 12 hours old, during a regular operation in December 2021. Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary stated on Facebook that she was found very weak, unable to stand, and with the umbilical chord still connected to her little body.


Since then, the small critter has been receiving careful care because it was discovered to be extremely delicate.

Daisy was fed 24 hours a day and has a babysitter on hand at all times to assure her safety. « We have a long journey ahead of us, but every rhino is crucial.

« Dedication, devotion, and enthusiasm », the group said on the Facebook social network at the time.

The rhinoceros sanctuary’s ICU has been where the small critter has been receiving vital nutrients for his wellbeing. Antibiotics, plasma transfusions, warm blankets, and modest mobility exercises are all available.


Modjadji, a juvenile zebra who, like her, is a patient in the region and was rescued after a storm, was found in the same place.

The photographs and video from the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary illustrate how these two creatures are companions and supporters, sleeping and caressing each other.

Daisy’s carers even bring her along when they give her a check-up. » Modjadji has a secondary function to fulfill. Daisy has become her companion, and she provides her with a great deal of comfort.

“He is wonderfully kind with her, and the two immediately appear to be great friends,” the shrine wrote on Facebook.


Daisy is still recovering, according to the group, and is undertaking further mild training to progressively strengthen her legs.

They also provided him with an umbrella and blankets so that he could stroll about as it rained while also preventing him from being ill.

Her zebra companion also joins her on her walks, as expected, because friendship is always displayed, even when the weather is bad. Madjadji and Daysi’s friendship is a youthful and genuine one.