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Golden Retriever Becomes A Big Brother To His Human Sister Right From Her Birth

No one will ever feel your pain of being an older brother or sister unless they are one. And contrary to what they say, it’s not always that fun. The truth is, younger siblings are annoying little creatures who seem to get away with anything at all times, and older siblings, unfortunately, most of the time have to take responsibility for their younger siblings’ pranks.

Being your younger sibling’s nanny is not a job most of us would enjoy, but an adorable golden retriever named Marshall was really excited about getting a furless baby sister from his human-parents. About 2 years ago, the family’s life was changed forever as they brought home a small baby girl named Macy, and since that day, Marshall wouldn’t leave her side, spending most of his time around Macy.

The cute siblings share their daily goofy adventures on their Instagram account, which have now captured the hearts of over 17 thousand people. Marshall and Macy’s parents share wholesome pictures with hilarious captions describing the pair’s daily shenanigans.

Bored Panda reached out to Marshall and Macy’s parents to inquire a bit more about the siblings. First, we wanted to know what Marshall’s first reaction was to seeing Macy.

“He suddenly went so gentle and calm and just wanted to sniff her, but also so excited to see me.”

Then, given the chance, we also asked Marshall and Macy’s parents about the reason as to why their children’s bond was so special.

“Macy has calmed our boy Marshall down and there is nothing that makes the heart flutter like seeing them playing together.”

Looking after children is no easy feat, so we were curious to find out: out of the two of them, who is the bigger troublemaker?

“Macy… poor Marshall just wants to sleep sometimes and she just goes and annoys him.”