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These Abused Dogs Were Rescued From The Streets By A Shelter And Made A Spectacular Recovery

The world is full of terrifying stories about neglected animals who desperately need our love and help. Speaking for those who have no voice is one of the kindest and most meaningful things a human being can do. While streets are full of abandoned animals without food or shelter, organizations like Animals Lebanon are dedicating all their energy to give neglected animals a second chance at life. And if you feel inspired to be a part of the change, if you ever see an animal suffering, make sure to contact your local animal shelters who can save the poor creature before it’s too late.

After learning about this story Bored Panda contacted Animals Lebanon rescue group and received more information from the group’s members about the entire situation. Our team has also created a video about this heartbreaking story and its happy ending.

Shaarawi who is a member of Animals Lebanon. According to them, the animals were in such bad condition they were eating plastic bags and were completely frightened of people. If the members didn’t show up the animals would have been shot, since 4 abandoned dogs were already killed in the same area.

According to Maggie, “When I first spotted Hazel she looked to me like a ghost: skin and bones, completely bald, with sores, not able to walk simply as she couldn’t stop itching. We thought Hazel was the only survivor until Aiden showed up. He was simply petrified and barely able to walk. And he was running in the middle of the street with people shoo’ing him away.

They would only go out to the nearby dumpster to scavenge for food.”