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Canada Lynx Absolutely Loves Being Brushed

Max, the animal ambassador, gets a morning brushing from his caretaker and absolutely loves it!

In this short video, Max the Canada Lynx is shedding his winter coat and needs a brush. He’s a playful cat, but listens to his caregiver when she asks him to roll over and let her brush him. He purrs through the whole thing and seems to listen when his caretaker tells him he’s a good boy.

Max was born at a zoo on May 4, 2011 and was then acquired to be an educational program animal. He wasn’t released into the wild because he was born in captivity, raised by humans and has a health issue that prevents him from being able to survive on his own.

Max has a health condition which requires enzymes in his meat daily to aid his pancreas to function properly. But that aside, he is a happy cat and well-looked after.