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Emergency Doctor Uses CPR on Stray Cat To Save Her Life, Adopts Her Afterwards

Last week a white stray cat attempted to get into a hospital when it got stuck between a glass panel and the door jamb, making it difficult for the kittie to breath. The staff at the Özel Akgün Tem Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, rushed to help her, ER doctor Halil Akyürek among them. It was a matter of life and death…


“The cat’s neck was totally stuck,” Akyürek told news outlet Haber Turk.

“He was struggling and having trouble breathing. I put my hand on the back of his head and properly removed him from the door. We immediately began CPR.”



Everything was captured on camera – we can see Akyürek massaging the cat’s heart. Then the doctor put an oxygen mask on the kittie and consulted the veterinarian who advised which medicines the feline needed.

Finally, the cat was brought to life and named Miracle. But there was another miracle that happened afterwards – the kind doctor Akyürek decided to adopt the stray, so now the kittie has a loving home.


(h/t: thedodo)