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Man Carries His Dog On His Back To Rescue Him From Floods

A wide range of favorable responses have been sparked by Theerachot Homjom’s selfless gesture, which was performed by a guy from Thailand. After the devastating flooding caused by tropical storm Sinlaku, he made the decision to carry his pet dog on his back.

The Kuang River overflowed due to the rains, and the man’s home in Chiang Rai province was entirely inundated.

People were forced to run for higher ground. Some people were attempting to preserve their possessions, but Theerachot’s tiny puppy was a thousand times more crucial.

YouTube: Chiang Rai Times

The man is a soldier who has been assisting flood victims in 44 provinces of Thailand for the past two weeks, becoming quite the hero in the process.

Metro quoted Theerachot as saying:

Floods could ruin my home, but not this gorgeous puppy.

YouTube: Chiang Rai Times

The dog was really anxious about what was occurring, but his adoptive father made sure that he felt safe. Theerachot accorded her four-legged kid the kind of respect that he merits and that many people fail to give, which leads to their being abandoned in difficult circumstances.

A video of the stunning scene of the rescue was uploaded to YouTube, where it quickly received supportive comments.

The Chiang Rai Times reports that at least two people lost their lives as a result of the floods, and hundreds of homes were destroyed.

YouTube: Chiang Rai Times

The military had to use boats to rescue civilians in rural areas and distribute humanitarian supplies since the water was up to their waists, especially in Loei, one of the places that needed it the most.

Rattiya Panich, a victim of the circumstance, said:

The flood arrived so quickly that my family was unable to retrieve anything.

YouTube: Chiang Rai Times