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This Dog Was Locked Up For A Long Time In His House After Being Abandoned Along With Other Dogs, But He Has Been Rescued

Loveable pit bull Elmo is learning what it’s like to be free and surrounded by love after suffering through a dreadful circumstance of abandonment. This dog, along with another dog, had been abandoned at his home and had spent a considerable amount of time chained within the patio.

The dogs’ prior owners have not been located, and they were transported to the KC Pet Project, a nonprofit group that runs the Kansas, Missouri, municipal animal shelter.

The KC Pet Project member Tori Fugate said to The Dodo:

“We believe that a neighbor may have seen the dogs occupying the space and reported them to Animal Control.”

KC Pet Project

Elmo was given the opportunity to explore the city’s parks and historical sites while staying at the shelter. He made many friends there and saw a remarkable shift in his demeanor; before being saved, he appeared to be extremely depressed, but now he can’t stop grinning.

KC Pet Project

Added Tori

She even visited a nearby beauty parlor.

KC Pet Project

Elmo was photographed upon his arrival to the shelter, and his facial expressions were those of dread and melancholy.

KC Pet Project

Torii stated:

When he’s racing the other way or anticipates being outside the shelter, “he gets this adorable smile on his face.”

KC Pet Project