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A Camera Captures a Group of Little Owls on a Woman’s Front Porch

Lyndsay, a new homeowner, received a surprise visit from a handful of her new neighbors not long after she moved in.

They appeared on her porch in the middle of the night, as if to greet her as a newcomer to the area.

If it hadn’t been for her front porch camera, Lyndsay would have missed the charming welcome party. It informed her that motion had been detected just outside the front door.

“The first night, I got three notifications in a row,” Lyndsay explained. “I eventually answered the Ring and caught the incredible owls having a meal on our new porch!”

The owls were unconcerned about the camera, instead of focusing on an insect. Although it’s unknown why they chose Lyndsay’s porch to hang out on that evening, her new home is likely to feel even more like home as a result of their unexpected visit.