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Meet This Cat Named China With A Strong Personality That Loves Stealing Stuff From Neighbors

Meet the cutest cat ever named China. Actually she is a thief…well do you believe that?

She loves playing around and is a true threat to her neighbors. She goes at their yards and takes whatever she finds there.

China has stolen socks, lighters and so many things.

Her owner Monica got surprised when her cat started giving her all these stolen things as ‘gifts’. Also she has told China’s story, how she came into her life and so many other things.

“China came into my life in 2013. A friend had found 3 kittens in her yard and needed someone to foster them until they were ready to be adopted. China was the only girl and the runt of the 3. I kept calling her my little China Doll. I had already had a 4-month-old male kitten named Waffles from that same yard and had fallen in love with her so decided to keep her.”

“It started when she was like 2-3 years old with my housemate’s clean socks. We were sitting on the couch one day and heard her. She was making some weird meows so we slowly peeked around the corner and saw her dropping the sock by my door. It was the funniest thing we had seen! One day, my housemate sent me a text with a picture of all his socks by my door explaining that he was leaving for work and couldn’t find his socks, so he checked my door. It was hilarious! We had to hide the dog poop bags because she would steal the roll and leave a trail of unraveled bags all over the apartment leading to my door.”

China has such a strong personality and loves attention.