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Faithful Dog Passes Away After Protecting His Family From A Black Bear

Taking on a bear to save his owner and several of his canine companions, a brave 13-year-old dog has been hailed as a hero. Pete, an English setter, valiantly hung on to a black bear last weekend after it was startled by a group of dogs out on a walk in New York.

Me & My Shadow Pets daycare owner Cathi told Metro UK that on Sunday, when her husband Steve was strolling the group of dogs, terrible things happened.

“We lost our courageous, elderly Pete today. This morning when we were trekking, the dogs surprised a black bear right on the trail. In the heavy rain, he must not have heard or smelled us. He turned around because he felt intimidated.

When the bear appeared, Steve tried to assist by tying the other dogs to a tree and returning to the area to try to scare the bear away. Sadly, the bear had already seized and bit Pete when it was too late.

Steve continued:

Pete was gravely hurt, but I went back and shooed the bear away once I was certain they were safe.

After being hauled back to the main road and taken to the emergency vet due to his extensive injuries, the sad choice was made to put an end to Pete’s suffering.

“Run free, Pete; you no longer experience the aches and pangs of aging. You stayed with us for a wonderful 18 months, living life to the fullest. Please light a candle for Pete and keep in mind that sometimes saving and raising a dog may save your life. Older dogs are quite generous. I cherish you, Petey. When we next meet, save me some cheese.