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Kind Woman Saves a Husky She Was Forced to Raise for Profit in a Kennel and Gets a Second Chance at Life

A Husky dog named Maya spent many years only knowing horror and anxiety; she experienced the worst aspects of humans up to the time she was coerced into reproducing on a pet farm in Goiânia, Brazil, five years ago. Maya was already paralyzed as a result of the appalling treatment and circumstances under which she was discovered.

They decided to sacrifice her because her health issues were already relatively permanent and she was already useless to this puppy factory. Maya was saved by Silvia Rayssa, who acted quickly to save the helpless dog and give her a second opportunity at a happy life to mend not only her physical wounds but also the scars in her soul.


Silvia believed that saving and taking care of Maya was the finest thing that could have happened to them both. She thinks that the dog came into her life at the exact moment when they both needed saving.


The lady narrates:

He only existed; he didn’t live. I can still clearly recall the day when I yearned for a “large and special animal.” I’ll never be able to put into words what I experienced after that in my spirit.


Silvia never left Maya’s side for the first 48 hours following her rescue. Despite the fact that she was quite frail and in incredibly bad condition, Silvia could see in her eyes how much she wanted to live.

Silvia tacked on

“At first, Maya seemed a little anxious, but who could blame her? She had never experienced the affection of a family or a caress. She lived in a cage for all five years of her life. She was solely aware of humanity’s worst aspects.


After surviving the initial hurdle in her health, Maya started a protracted course of therapy. They frequented veterinary hospitals, but sadly the harm to her body was already done, and she would never be able to walk again. She now had to begin the process of recovering both her physical and emotional health.