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This Abandoned Dog Was Certain To Die Alone, But Then This Good-Willed Man Found Her

“A friend in need is a friend indeed,” the saying goes. And it couldn’t have been more true for Alessandro Desco and Athena the pit bull. Alessandro has 2 kids and 6 dogs, and he loves canines (especially pit bulls) so much that he has become a guardian angel for them. Alessandro has his own NGO called “Ales Pits Team,” and his main focus is rescuing these lovely doggies, treating them, and finding them homes. He has changed the tune of the story from sad to happy for many a dog, and this time, we’re going to focus on Athena in particular.

On April 27th, about 5 months ago, Alessandro received a call about the animal’s situation on the outskirts of Sao Paulo. The dog must have been left to die in the woods, with a huge rotting gash on her forehead and swollen eyelids. For an hour or so, Alessandro even struggled to find her in the tall grass where she had reportedly been seen. But with enough patience and determination, he found her and took her immediately to the veterinarian.

The doctors were very worried when they saw her. The gash was so rotten that larvae were coming out of it, and her eyes were completely swollen shut. The main concern was that the infections would spread to her organs, which, from that point, would mean that the situation was hopeless. The dog had an x-ray and ultrasound, and the doctors slowly pulled all of the larvae out of the gash. With enough patience and careful treatment, the dog managed to recover and has sprung back to her feet.

Athena now doesn’t look anything at all like she used to. Her eyes shine, she’s happy and playful, and all that’s left of the previous chapter is a barely visible scar. Today, Alessandro is looking to find her a new loving home. Even though everyone thought she wouldn’t make it, the love and determination of the doctors and Alessandro have brought her back. It’s a reminder to never write off a good dog.