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Deaf Girl Teaches Deaf Puppy Sign Language in Cutest Video Ever

Julia and her best friend Walter share something in common — both the puppy and the little girl were born deaf.

A Good Samaritan found Walter and his litter mates in December when the pups were only six weeks old and brought them to the Pasadena Humane Society shelter.

Julia and her mother fell in love with the little dog the first time they saw him. Mom remembered when Julia was a baby and couldn’t hear her voice, she would recognize her mom by smelling her neck. The first time she picked up Walter he sniffed her neck — the same way Julia had done as an infant.

“I think they were both meant to find each other,” Julia’s mother, Chrissy, says in the video above.

Julia is even teaching Walter sign language for words like “sit” and “food.”

Commenters on the shelter’s Facebook page have included pictures of deaf dogs they’ve adopted.

“So happy you all have each other!” Andreana Koutoudis posted. “Thank you for sharing your story. It deeply touched my heart!”