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This Sweet Pit Bull Is Never Far From His Blind Little Friend

A week ago, a six-year-old pit bull named Blue Dozer and his greatest buddy in the world, a 12-year-old blind tiny dachshund named OJ, were given to Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC).

They had been pals for four years, but suddenly their mother lost her house and was unable to look for them. They had to stay together, so she took the painful choice to take them to the shelter.

RACC director Christie Chipps Peters stated to The Dodo:

She said that they had spent some time recently searching through other personal belongings and had previously lived in her car. All she wished for was for them to move in together.


Due to the fact that Blue is not only OJ’s greatest buddy but also his guide dog, it was crucial that they remain together. OJ relies on Blue every day to guide him because he is almost blind and can only see shadows. Blue is naturally more than pleased to assist.


When Christie saw how lovely and devoted the two companions were, she realized right away that she would soon start getting calls from prospective adopters. Little OJ and Blue were first a little uneasy, but they soon grew used to the shelter and behaved as though they were on vacation.

Cathy said:

“A combination like this is uncommon to witness. It’s adorable and humorous. OJ is like a little dachshund, and Blue is like this really powerful, muscular person. Their interaction is just adorable.”


Christie saw right away how dependent they were on one another. Blue never left OJ’s side, not even during game time.

She uttered:

“They have known each other for at least four years, so they are familiar with the need of sticking together. It seemed like OJ was Blue’s tiny shadow while we were together.”


Only two days after arriving at the shelter, a family from over two hours away came to meet the couple. Everyone agreed right away, and soon the adoption was done.

But after arriving at his new home, the unexpected occurred: Little OJ was discovered walking the streets by himself, supposedly abandoned by the person who had just volunteered to look after him.

OJ was fortunately taken to the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center by a passing motorist who spotted him. Because of his new microchip, he was able to find his way back to the RACC staff, who then went on to find Blue’s adoptive and recover him; as a result, both dogs are now back at the RACC.