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They Warn People Of The Lonely Dolphin That Desperately Seeks Human Company

Confi, a lone dolphin, first arrived in Portosn, surprising swimmers on Parameán beach in Muros, Spain.

He came so near to the coast that they could practically touch him, leaving the beachgoers dumbfounded at his presence.

As he did the day before in the Sonense sandbank in As Gaviotas, he immediately became the focus of attention and a playmate for the little children.

Roger Suárez

The Coordinator for the Study of Marine Mammals (Cemma), which has been monitoring this dolphin since December, gave it the name Confi. And it was given the new name Manolio by Roger Suárez, a diver from Noia, who they had first met in January and with whom they had developed an odd bond.

Roger Suárez

The reality is that it gave us a good shock since it is a two-meter animal and, while it is apparently gentle, it commands a lot of respect because it can take you in front of a bite, Roger added. “It all started in January, when it emerged for the first time when we were diving.

Although interacting with such a unique swimming buddy might be quite exciting, experts and authorities were very explicit in their advice not to touch the cetacean.

Roger Suárez

“People don’t realize they shouldn’t handle it. It is a pretty placid animal, but it may turn hostile if it perceives an attack, according to a representative for the neighborhood emergency team.

The most important thing is to remember that it’s a wild animal and a protected species, so please show it some respect.

Roger Suárez

“Your complete peace of mind is our shared responsibility. We can watch it go by and even follow a boat, but we must maintain the reasonable separation required for everyone’s safety, the spokesperson continued.

Confi is a young dolphin, so there is a significant probability that he will eventually discover other friends who share his traits and quit solitary traveling.

Roger Suárez

The speaker continued, “This animal is incredibly clever, it seeks out other beings with whom it can engage.

When an animal approaches, it’s crucial to avoid interfering with its behavior and to take a neutral, uninterested stance. They advise against attempting to feed or play games for Confi.

Roger Suárez