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Mama Cow Tried To Grab Man’s Attention To Rescue Her Newborn Calf

A man named Dave saw a cow that was watching him all the time. He knew that something is happening.
Everything happened in Millbrook, Ontario, where Dave came closer to one of the cows and he soon realized that the cow was asking for help.

The cow paced back and forth and mooed at Dave. When other cows started assembling around Flo, it finally struck Dave that the cow was trying to call him.

Immediately, Dave was ready to help. He saw a newborn calf stuck on the other side of the fence. Little baby’s name was Flo.

The man pushed the calf through the fence because he didn’t want to scare and hurt her. Even though it seems like Flo understood that Dave was there to save her.
So the man helped the newborn.

Flo was finally reunited with her handsome pink-nosed calf. That was a heartbreaking and emotional moment.