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Dog Stuck In Canal Gives Sweetest ‘Thank You’ To Man Who Saved Him

Said Zárate works as a garbage collector in Mexico, a demanding profession that has received little notice until lately. Said’s bravery earned him acclaim and the greatest gratitude from a puppy caught in a canal, which he rescued without hesitation.

While driving his vehicle in an agricultural region not long ago, he came across a spectacle that immediately captivated him: a dog urgently trying to get out of a concrete canal.

According to Said, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I spotted something moving in the water and kept watching until I realized it was a dog,” says the narrator. “I told my companion to come to a halt.”


The man moved immediately and grabbed an empty bag, allowing the dog to assist himself out of the canal. Said was not disheartened and proceeded until he was able to pull the dog out of the water, despite the fact that the animal was quite weak from his struggle to keep afloat.

The man was able to pull the dog out of the water and save his life, and the animal responded with the sweetest expression of thanks.

According to the account:

“He flung himself into my arms.”


Said shared the video on Facebook, and the response was instantaneous. In the video’s description, he said:

“There’s a reason I’m in this planet. I’m grateful that I was able to save him. I’m quite sure he thanked me.”

The dog appeared to belong to a nearby ranch, and he was healthy and happy. Said assumed it was an accident, but the dog appeared to have a decent home.

Said continued:

“After spending some time with us, he gladly returned home.”