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Man Heard A “Meow” Coming Underneath The Cars Parked In A Bank And Immediately Rescued Her

Dan Yavetz faced something unexpected one day while in Silver Spring, Maryland. He would have never thought to save a cat’s life.

Can you imagine what happened?

“I heard this little ‘meow’ coming from underneath the cars parked in front of the bank,” Yavetz told The Dodo. “I got down, and I saw a kitten hiding, and I called out to her. Surprisingly enough, she ran out and jumped right in my arms.”

Immediately, man decided to rescue kitten.

He saw her and thought: “What a beautiful kitten”.

“Instead of having to coax her out and work on her, she ran out right away, and I grabbed her, and she started purring and was really comfortable,” Yavetz said. “She was a beautiful-looking baby cat.”

So he went to a shopping center there nearby and asked if someone lost their kitty.

“She’s totally a road cat”. “She was riding on my shoulder on the way home, sitting in the passenger seat. Real cool, not skittish or anything, just full of love and full of energy.”

Man decided to bring cat home and took care of her. Also, he found kitty a beautiful and loving home.

His daughter’s friend’s wanted to adopt a cat so here it is. Now kitty has a name, call her Lily.

Lily adores when Yavetz stops by for a visit. They are besties now and inseparable.

“Every time we go over there, she’s always bouncing around, she loves the cat tower and scratching post, and she’s a big snuggler,” Yavetz said.

Lucky Lily!