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For Being ‘Too Affectionate,’ a Tiny Rabbit Was Dumped At A Shelter

Ryann Sadler went over to the SPCA of Texas  after seeing two newborn bunnies abandoned there.

Sadler, a long-time shelter volunteer and bunny parent, was devastated to see the arrivals’ plight; they were so tiny, and their nails were very overgrown. Sadler took the small male rabbit in her hands to start cutting his nails, but instead, he began licking her all over with his tiny tongue, much to her astonishment.


Sadler had no known rabbits loved to kiss, yet there she was, getting a kiss from one.

Sadler told The Dodo, “I was holding him and he simply started licking my hands.” “’What on Earth!?’ I exclaimed. Pepper, my bunny, has never done anything like that. We were completely taken aback by how nice and personable he was.”

Sadler fell in love with the sweet little bunny right away, and when she learned why he had been surrendered, she was dead intent on getting him home.

“The owner stated Peter was “too loving” and “required too much attention,” according to Sadler. “He was the most cuddly rabbit I’d ever seen – I couldn’t believe someone would abandon him!”


Despite the fact that her family was not seeking to adopt another rabbit, Sadler and Peter fell in love at first sight. Peter was only 5 months old at the time, but he was already full of love.

While much of Peter’s history remains unknown, it was apparent that he was simply seeking for the right person to comprehend his kind attitude. (And, thankfully, the female rabbit Peter brought to the shelter eventually found her perfect home as well.)


“He is very loving, likes to be hugged, and will sit on my chest licking my face,” Sadler added. “It’s the most delicious thing in the world.”

Rabbits will groom other rabbits they love being around, but not every rabbit will display this delicate gesture of devotion toward humans. It’s hardly surprise that it’s one of Peter’s favorite things to do.

Peter enjoys completing laps around the home and jumping into the air, in addition to kissing people.

He gets so enthusiastic about guests and the family’s Yorkshire terrier that he won’t stop skipping and leaping around in joy, according to Sadler.

Peter also enjoys throwing his toys and playing ball.

When his family is home, he typically roams free about the house, which means he knows all the best spots to get some fresh vegetables.


Peter is a light of joy for the family, who writes about him and his bunny sister, Pepper, on Instagram on a daily basis.

Pepper, according to Sadler, is considerably more cranky — but that doesn’t stop loving Peter from attempting to cheer her up.


“Their pens are right next to one other, and Peter is always trying to make friends with her,” Sadler laughed. “They cohabit harmoniously in this manner, but Pepper still wants her own space.”

From the time Peter joined the family, he has made it clear how much he adores them — and is also demonstrating to others all across the globe how unique bunny love can be.