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Thirsty Koala Licks Rainwater Off The Road After A Downpour

Following the horrific bushfires that ravaged Australia, it is heartening to see that the rains have returned.

The residents of New South Wales are thankful for the showers because it makes fighting the flames simpler.

Animals, too, are grateful for the rain; it allows their environment to be repaired, as well as providing a source of water for those who have been dehydrated due to the extreme heat.

Facebook/Pamela Schramm

Pamela Schramm and her family were in their car when they came upon a koala. This thirsty youngster drank rainwater from the road.

Facebook/Pamela Schramm

The poor koala didn’t mind licking the tarmac to stay hydrated; he wanted to sip water from whatever puddle he came across.

The small animal’s thirst was so acute that when Pamela tried to move it, it looked stuck to the road and refused to move.

Facebook/Pamela Schramm

Pamela initially assumed the koala was hurt, but as she approached him, she investigated him and touched him in several areas to ensure he was alright; his back and hips felt fine.

The Daily Mail quoted Pamela as saying:

“Because he was so silent, I assumed he was injured. I noticed he was OK when he wandered around for a while. Because he was so thirsty, we couldn’t move him out of the way.”