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Deaf Dog Stung By Thousands Of Bees And Then Abandoned Has A New Chance To Be Happy

Stinger, a pit bull dog that was born deaf, was stung by bees in September of last year after getting into the wrong spot. Stinger was transported to the veterinarian right away since he was in critical condition from the thousands of bites he had sustained. Unfortunately, that was the last time Stinger would see his previous family because they had left him there in that awful state.

But then came the founder of the animal rescue group LuvnPupz, Carri Shipaila. She discovered that Stinger had scabies and was significantly underweight.

Says Carri

After speaking with animal control and learning that the shelter would have to put the dog to sleep because they couldn’t treat him, an emergency vet clinic called me.

She took him to the shelter and that’s when they named him Stinger.

“I hurried to the car and traveled nearly an hour to the clinic as soon as I got the word about Stinger. When I saw him, I realized he needed us, no matter the expense.”

The dog suffered terribly for several days. It was discovered that he also had pemphigus, an autoimmune condition that results in blisters on the skin and mucous membranes including the eyes, mouth, nose, and throat. He will need to take medication every day for the rest of his life.

Carri said to Boredom Panda:

“Stinger is a wonderful puppy. Everyone he meets wins his love. He embodies the ideal traits of the breed: he is loving, playful, and full of life.