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This Cheetah Gave Birth To Her 8 Babies, So Adorable!

Bingwa, the cheetah, has just lived up to her name. You see, “bingwa” in Swahili means “champion” and the 4-year-old St. Louis Zoo animal has recently given birth to a record-breaking litter of 8 cheetah cubs. My mom always reminds me that even as a single child, I sometimes was just too much. I believe we have to congratulate this wild cat and wish her well!

In over 430 litters documented by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, this is the first time a cheetah has given birth and reared on her own eight cubs at a zoo. The average litter size of these big cats is three to four cubs.

According to the zoo, Bingwa is already a perfect mom for her three boys and five girls.