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Only Rescue Dogs And Cats Are Now Allowed To Be Sold At California Pet Stores

California is kicking off the new year by making a significant advancement for animals.

Pet retailers in the state are no longer allowed to sell puppies, kittens, or rabbits produced from commercial breeders as of January 1. Instead, only rescue animals from local shelters will be allowed to be housed in shops.

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The new ban targets puppy mills and backyard breeders, who are infamous for prioritizing profit over animal welfare by confining animals in small, dirty cages.

Baby animals are frequently hauled out unwell for sale at pet stores, with little to no vet treatment, while their lonely adult parents spend their lives in filth being continually bred for more “stock.”

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California’s new rule, which is the nation’s first and most stringent regulatory policy of its sort, will most likely hurt the negligent sector financially.

Kitty Block, interim president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), told The Dodo, “This puts us one major step closer to the day when puppy mills have nowhere left to sell.”

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Animal supporters believe that now that the Golden State’s ban is in place, more states will follow suit in the fight against the brutal commercial breeding sector. Several communities around the country have already begun to prohibit the selling of animals in pet stores, setting the stage for entire states to follow suit.

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