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Injured Dolphin Asks Divers For Help

A bottlenose dolphin was desperate for help when he got entangled in fishing line with a hook lodged in his pectoral fin, which restricted his movement and ability to swim.

When he approached divers off the coast of Kona in Hawaii, he was crying out in pain. The smart dolphin knew he could ask humans for help, so when he saw the divers, he approached their leader, Keller Laros, who was leading a group of snorkelers for a manta ray dive experience.

“The way he came right up and pushed himself into me there was no question this dolphin was there for help. I was trying to unwrap it, I got the line fishing hook out of the pectoral fin. There was a line coming out of his mouth. But, the line wrapped around his pectoral fin was so tight and he had cuts both front and aft,” Keller said.

Keller said that the dolphin patiently and calmly allowed him to work to remove the fishing line. The clever dolphin even adjusted his position at one point to allow Keller better access to his injury.