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His Reaction Is Priceless- This Dog Has The Best Birthday Surprise Ever

Dakota is such a cute puppy and Christopher and his family loves the dog so much. They went to Alabama only to adopt the puppy.

“From a tiny baby, Dakota was an ‘old soul,’” Terri Christopher, Dakota’s mom, told The Dodo.

The dog used to have a lot of energy but now Dakota is older. So his family prepared a big surprise for Dakota.

This year, for dog’s 14th birthday, the family decided to make e sign that said “Honk for my 14th birthday” and hung it up on the passenger’s side of their car, right under Dakota, who was smiling so big from the front seat.

They drove all around so that Dakota could get all the attention he deserved for his very special birthday, and he absolutely loved it.

Well Dakota’s reaction is priceless and he really got thrilled by the surprise. He had all the attention.

Dakota is such an important, special member of his family, and for his birthday, they couldn’t help but let the whole world know exactly how much he means to them.

They would do anything for Dakota.