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Puma That Got Rescued From Zoo Is Having His Best Life- Meet Messi!

Messi, named for football player Lionel Messi, is a beautiful big cat with over 299K followers on Instagram.

He loves his scratching post, chasing toys and stretching out on a soft blanket. In fact, the main difference between Messi the puma (named for football player Lionel Messi) and a regular house cat is not necessarily his size — though it certainly can’t be discounted! — but rather that he enjoys getting a good scrub in the bathtub.

Nowadays, Messi lives the good life. The big cat is as spoiled as a domesticated kitty, and he has the Instagram account to prove it!

With a lot of followers followers, this gorgeous feline is no stranger to fame and we have a feeling he’s purrrfectly content that way.