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When He Was Going For Good, A Sad Dog Says Goodbye To His Buddy Through The Glass

When he was set to be separated from his pal forever, a puppy said farewell to him through the glass. Whoever witnessed the scenario was moved.

“Without friendship, the world is a desert,” declared the famous English philosopher Francis Bacon.

Today’s two protagonist pups have taken the adage to heart; they’ve been inseparable since the first time they met in a hostel, where they’ve spent some of their most memorable moments.

Unfortunately, one of them was adopted by a family on an unexpected day, provoking a reaction in the other puppy who was left alone, and shaking the most sensitive fibers of hundreds of social media users to their foundations.

CREDIT: Dayana Davila

The sorrowful scene anticipated the two canines’ parting after months of playing and pulling many pranks together. Dayana Dávila, the publication’s author, claims that when she first arrived at the shelter, she fell in love with the animal without considering the ramifications of being separated from her boyfriend.

CREDIT: Dayana Davila

The dog appears to be ready to go with his new owner at the beginning of the video, but he comes to a halt when he hears the sad cries of his long-eared companion, who cannot believe that his beloved buddy would leave the spot, as if asking to accompany him.

“This shattered my heart. “He was ready to kidnap his closest buddy,” the young woman wrote in the sad episode’s description.

CREDIT: Dayana Davila

After seeing this Friendship, in capital letters, that many “thinking” creatures would like to be able to feel with such intensity, the scene led everyone to tears of grief.

However, the pups’ now-lonely closest mates didn’t have anything to do, so they went their own ways. The shelter personnel, on the other hand, told them that they would soon find a new and loving family to care for and protect them.

CREDIT: Dayana Davila

The photographs of the dog putting his paws on the glass, saying farewell, have been watched over 15 million times throughout the world. Another dog can be heard barking in the main room of the clinic, attempting to console his bereaved comrade.

@dayanavdo This broke my heart…I was about to take her best fwend away🥺😭 #fyp #foryoupage #parati #puppy #dachshund ♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu & beabadoobee

“This video is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” says the viewer. One of the other responses from netizens was, “That is genuine friendship.”

CREDIT: Dayana Davila

Dávila, for one, is an animal lover with 3.5 million Instagram followers, a statistic that illustrates her commitment to and compassion for animals.

Although it would have been natural for him to accept both pups since his heart couldn’t bear seeing them divided, he stated in another video that he had to choose not to adopt one of them. The price was exorbitant, and he couldn’t afford it.

She sought advice from her followers and is debating whether to travel to another shelter or save enough money to adopt them both.

Some have even volunteered to set up a GoFundMe account to assist her in getting the two pals to accompany her home.

CREDIT: Dayana Davila