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This Couple Of Dogs Were Thrown Out Of Their House Like They Were Garbage And When They Wanted To Return They Closed The Door In Their Faces

German shepherd dog Artessa has been responsible for caring for her companion Allie since they were kicked out of their Dallas, Texas, home. The two canines tried to go back home but their alleged human father shut the door in their faces, treating them like garbage.

Artessa, who is around a year old, and Allie, who are both infants, had to struggle to find food and live while wandering the streets totally alone. Fortunately, their position improved when a nice guy decided to help them find their way home.

When the person in charge of finding them a home found that the new human father of this pair of canines had abandoned them after a while, he did not hesitate to call the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC group and ask for your assistance.

Co-founder of the company Stacey Silverstein said:

They contacted us and asked whether we could save them, see to it that they make changes in their life, and provide them with the stability and security they require.