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Homeless Man Is Dubbed ‘Guardian Angel’ After Rescuing 16 Animals

Heroes without capes can arrive out of nowhere and at any time; they are always eager to help people in need and do so without expecting anything in return; they do it out of love for their neighbor.

A fire in an animal shelter in Atalanta, Georgia nearly killed numerous dogs and cats, but Keith Walker, a homeless guy, was arriving at the scene when he noticed what was going on and ran to save all of the animals.

Mr. Walker was on his way to take his pit bull dog, Bravo, for a walk on December 18 when the event occurred.

He witnessed a fire in the kitchen of the W-Underdogs shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, and rushed inside the building, risking his life, to rescue 16 animals.

W-Underdogs is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing animals in need. No one was on the site at the time of the fire since they were collecting contributions and supplies.

Fortunately, Mr. Walker came to the rescue and helped to retrieve six dogs and ten captive cats from the situation.

Keith, who has been homeless since he was 13 years old, told CNN:

“With all that smoke, I was terrified to enter.” But God sent me to help those creatures. You can love anyone in the world if you love a dog.”

He continued, ”

“My dog is my greatest buddy, and without him, I wouldn’t be here, therefore I knew I had to help all those other dogs.”

Although municipal firefighters responded quickly and the flames were put out, the house was rendered unusable. The fire was started by an electrical problem, according to the investigation.

Gracie Hamlin, the creator of W-Underdogs, hailed Keith as her “guardian angel” in a CNN interview:

“Even the firefighters were apprehensive about handling the dogs. They phoned animal control, but Keith had already entered the building and was removing the dogs and cats until everyone was safe.”

Grace continued, ”

‘I cannot express my gratitude enough for protecting my creatures. I’m still stunned since I’ve been around fires before and know how quickly they can start. He is a hero of mine.”

Fortunately, the shelter was only a few weeks away from relocating, and the animals were able to relocate. Although the facilities were not yet complete, the property might be temporarily modified to provide shelter for the animals.

Due to the emergency, a campaign was launched to request immediate assistance and hasten the site’s adaption. Many people have already stepped forward to help the animals by donating supplies and food.

On Facebook, Gracie wrote:

“Above all, these cats and dogs require foster and permanent homes. This Christmas season, please consider adopting.”