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Cat Was So Sick And Weak But This Woman Saved His Life, Fedya Has A New Family Now

Meet this adorable cat named Fedya. He is so famous now because of his unique-looking face. Also he has other goofy features.

Fedya has become an Internet sensation recently. It is said that he has had a pretty tough life. Cat is from Russia and was born as one of two kittens to a stray mother.

They were seen at a woman’s backyard. Natalya decided to help them, especially Fedya. He was so sick and weak and needed a lot of treatments.

He and his sibling were all alone after losing their mom. But he became healthy very soon after a lot of treatments, thanks to Natalya.

Now he is getting better day by day and he has been adopted by Handsome, Natalya’s cat.

Finally Fedya has a loving family.