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This Is How Giraffes Sleep

Take a good look at these giraffe pictures, because you won’t often catch a sleeping giraffe.

In fact, despite being the tallest animal, giraffes have the shortest sleep requirements of any mammal, sleeping an average of just 30 minutes per day. And when they do sleep, usually it’s just for a few minutes; until the 1950s, researchers believed that these animals don’t sleep and argued do giraffes lay down at all.

The giraffe is a prey animal, so many of its habits have evolved out of necessity. Since it’s difficult to lie down or get up quickly, sleeping is a huge liability; drinking water is another struggle since the cute giraffe’s neck is too short of reaching the ground.

For this reason, they get most of their water from the plants that they eat, and only need to drink water every few days. Sure, these giraffe facts make them already special, but wait until you see them sleeping!

So while these sleeping animals might not seem very impressive, you’re witnessing something few people have ever seen!