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Dog That Was Abandoned And Lonely Finally Finds Best Friends, They Are Inseparable Now

Meet this cute puppy named Osito! He was so lonely because his family abandoned him.

But something really great happened.

Felicia Quispe Arana heard about pup’s situation and decided to help him.

Arana lives in Peru and owns Colitas Sin Techo, a shelter for dogs.

“There are no puppies at our shelter. All the dogs are big and most of them are adults,” Arana told The Dodo. “I didn’t know how they’d react to Osito when they met him.”

Little dog was nervous at first but later become very friendly.

“At first, Osito was intimidated by the sight of so many large dogs,” Arana said. “[After meeting the other dogs], he felt comfortable and walked around with great confidence.”

Puppy isn’t lonely anymore. He has made new friends and very soon found a dream house.