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Little Penguin Couple Won’t Stop Breaking Into Sushi Cart

Two tiny blue penguins were heartbroken this weekend when they discovered that the fresh fish at their preferred nesting spot wasn’t intended for them.

The site appeared ideal: not only was it near the port in Wellington, New Zealand, but there was also lots of food. It was, after all, a sushi stand.

The koror penguins had crossed a busy four-lane road to establish their new territory. However, not everyone was pleased with their new wild neighbors.


A police officer discovered one of the penguins on the street on Saturday night and brought him back to the ocean. But a harsh warning from Wellington District Police wasn’t enough to keep the “waddling vagrants” from returning to their nesting spot.

The birds were back under the store the next morning. Long Lin, one of the proprietors of Sushi Bi, didn’t realize he had visitors until hundreds of customers began asking about the penguins.

The small birds, it turns out, weren’t altogether terrible for business.

Around 600 pairs of penguins live in the harbor, but only a handful are brave enough to cross the bustling street. Senior Sergeant Quentin Ward told The Dodo, “We regularly get penguins at the port, but having them in the city is unique.” “How ironic that they end up behind a sushi cart.”

Lin eventually found the couple Monday afternoon beneath the shop and enticed them inside with some fresh fish. Lin told The Dodo, “I’m not sure if that was their favorite cuisine.” “They did, however, arrive. I had a feeling they were hungry.”

Holding the birds was an incredible experience for Lin. Lin described them as “very weighty for their size – like a stuffed doll.” “They were also belligerent, not at all bashful.”