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100-Year-Old Woman That Always Loved Serval Cats Has Finally Fulfilled Her Biggest Dream

Meet this 100-year-old cat lover named Betty Morris. She was so thrilled to be invited at Drusillas Park.

A serval cat named Nwela was there to meet Betty. Woman got so excited after this touching and emotional moment.

She was invited to the zoo and was presented with a surprise honorary serval adoption and a large, personalized plaque. She got honored because of her relationships with servals.

She always loved serval cats.

What a touching moment for this amazing woman! She got really emotional while Deputy Managing Director was talking about her.

Betty said that this surprise was such a privilege to her.

Betty spoke: “This has always been on my bucket list! It was wonderful… Nwela came right up to the side of the wheelchair, and it was such a privilege. I’ve had a special soft spot for servals ever since Drusillas got them… this means an awful lot to me.”

Such a beautiful and heartwarming story!