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Guys On Road Trip Find Puppies Dumped In The Middle Of Nowhere

We’ll never know for sure what horrible thought drove someone to dump a pair of orphaned puppies by the side of a long, lonesome highway, but we do know who’s love and compassion saved their lives in the end.


Late last month, Briggs LocHaven and his brother, Chris Vanness, were travelling from Arizona to Colorado when they came upon the two young canines scrambling along that desolate stretch of road.

“At first, we believed they were prairie dogs,” Vanness told The Dodo, “until we came closer and saw precisely what they were.” “Then we came to a halt and got out of the car to see how they were doing. Our hearts fell when we saw them, friendly but terribly dehydrated and hungry. They practically jumped into our car, so we didn’t have to capture them. We were flabbergasted, and all we could think of was getting these folks some food, drink, and a wash.”


The road-trip team proceeded on as a quartet after cautiously feeding the dogs food and water so as not to overload the puppies’ famished bodies.

“We continued to feed them in modest amounts over the following 24 hours,” Vanness told The Dodo. “After around 10 hours, they were more active and needed to go pee.”

The new passengers, LocHaven and Vanness, seemed to appreciate the opportunity to ride along.


The pups’ story had a happy conclusion, due to the two strangers who stopped to aid them.

The pups accompanied LocHaven and Vanness on their journey till they arrived at their final destination. A friend who rescues dogs volunteered to take the puppies in while they were there.