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Woman Discovers Her Dog Is Having An Extramarital Relationship

Murphy is a happy-go-lucky puppy that enjoys meeting new friends above everything else. In fact, he has yet to meet a person or animal that he dislikes.

But it turns out that one of Murphy’s closest relationships is one that he’s been keeping hidden.


Murphy’s owner, Jo-Hannah Jamieson, let him out into the backyard as normal a few months ago, figuring the dog wanted to go out to do his business. However, Jamieson was taken aback when she observed Murphy combining “business” with “pleasure.”

Murphy made a beeline towards the rear of the yard that day, as Jamieson gazed on. Then, through a gap in the fence, a hand reached out and petted and scratched Murphy.

A video showing Murphy and the hand in action may be seen here:

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The hand belongs to Jamieson’s next-door neighbor, who is clearly a dog lover. It’s unknown when these tiny get-togethers started. But it hasn’t been a one-time occurrence.

Jamieson told The Dodo, “Every time I let Murphy out, he walks to the back fence to see whether [my neighbor] is there.” “I believe he gives Murphy at least one pet a day.”

Murphy is lavished with affection and care by his owner. However, it appears that the hand is still too fantastic to pass up.


Jamieson understands Murphy’s probable preference for the neighbor’s petting when questioned whether there are any resentments. After all, they’ve been caged up for a while.