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As If It Were Her Own Child, This Dog Adopted An Orphaned Possum And Takes Care Of Him 

Poncho is an orphaned possum discovered on the side of the road; his prospects of survival were bleak. Poncho was too little to survive on his own, but due to a dog named Hantu, the young marsupial was spared and his story did not finish tragically.

Poncho was adopted by Hantu, a white German shepherd dog, after wildlife rescuers discovered the small baby possum clinging to its mother’s side after she was fatally killed by a car.

The infant was discovered beside a country road in poor condition. When he arrived at the vet facility, his odds of life were bleak.

Credit: Image / Rare Species Fund

Hantu took in the orphaned possum and treated her like the cub she had never had.

Poncho was nursed by clinic workers in an attempt to save him, but he lacked a mother who could warm and care for him. Until Hantu made the decision to adopt him.

Credit: Image / Rare Species Fund

She began to care for Poncho as if he were a shelter dog in need of companionship, despite the fact that she had never had children.

Credit: Image / Rare Species Fund

Check out the adorable video:

The two are currently housed together at the Rare Species Fund. The possum and the dog have formed a lovely bond, and they go everywhere together. Poncho rides Hantu’s back on a stroll in the woods, dangling from her for safety.

Credit: Image / Rare Species Fund