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Terminally Sick Dog Insists On Taking A Walk At 1:30, Owner Knows Exactly Where To Take Him

It’s been tough going lately for Kiefer. After a double eye enucleation (removal of the eyeballs) a couple years back, the terminally ill dog’s condition was steadily decreasing. And for the last couple weeks, the poor fella was barely moving at all.

So when one night at 1:30 AM he jumped up and insisted on going for a walk, his owner knew exactly what needed to happen next.

The best friends went to a pizza joint for a slice to share, while the owner photographed Kiefer enjoying every bit of their field trip.

When the owner posted his story on Imgur, the response was overwhelming.

But not without the wave of criticism for “torturing” the animal by keeping him alive in this condition: “To those saying ‘I’ve kept him alive for my own selfishness’ – you know what, I’m not going to dignify such a dumb comment with a response. I spent a considerable amount of money for his operation instead of having him put down. If he was in pain after the operation, I would have made the right call. But he wasn’t, he lived another 2 happy amazing years.”