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They Capture A Puppy’s Reaction To A Distressed Koala Asking For Some Of His Water

Following a series of wildfires that ravaged Australia early last year, the fate of billions of koalas was tragic.

Despite the efforts of innumerable firemen, rescuers, and volunteers, Australians felt helpless in the face of disaster as they saw their priceless species go like water through their fingers.

CREDIT: Danielle Stone

The scorching heat and excruciating flames drove the remaining animals to escape in fright from their homes, pleading for assistance. Unfortunately, it was the koalas that bore the worst of the damage.

Nearly half of the population of these rare mammals has been wiped off, prompting specialists to express grave concern for the species’ survival.

CREDIT: Danielle Stone

A lucky Adelaide family had a fantastic encounter when a newborn koala came in their front yard.

In the Stones’ house, they have the best host, who was in charge of being a genuine source of support for the tiny marsupial, to the blessing of the baby, whom they have called Quasi.

CREDIT: Danielle Stone

During the heat wave, Rusty saw that his companion was thirsty and needed a drink. And she offered him to cool off from a huge container, which they drank from jointly.

CREDIT: Danielle Stone

Although the events captured by its owner, Danielle Stone, occurred over a year ago and were pushed to be shared by one of the neighbors, Andrew Frost, they have recently resurfaced on social media, becoming viral once more.

Rusty has no qualms about sharing a glass of water with his thirsty pal, and it even allows him to “drink freely” at one point.

[caption id="attachment_32577" align="alignnone" width="395"] CREDIT: Danielle Stone

Later on, they share a drink because there is plenty for each of them. Then, as if Quasi realizes he is seeing the most beautiful act of love imaginable, he unites his snout with Rusty in a touching sequence that has made millions of Internet users around the world fall in love.

CREDIT: Danielle Stone

Quasi became a frequent visitor following that encounter, according to the family, who have since left him some eucalyptus branches for him to eat whenever he wishes.

CREDIT: Danielle Stone

“I believe this couple could teach humans a thing or two,” Danielle remarked.

The most touching aspect of this story is that Quasi has been visiting the Stone family for several years. However, on hot days, knowing that you have a house where you can cool yourself whenever you want, as well as your greatest friend in the world, is the most emotional thing to see.

CREDIT: Danielle Stone

Some netizens commented, “It’s sooo lovely to see a safe koala”, “A relief for a moment in the midst of so much anguish”, “It’s as if Quasi said thank you and Rusty: you’re welcome friend, you know, whenever you want”, “It’s as if Quasi said thank you and Rusty: you’re welcome friend, you know, whenever you want”.