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On Adoption Day, A Puppy Is Planted, Which Quickly Goes Viral And Finds A Home

Vicente, the gorgeous little puppy, was dressed up in his gala gown and ready to meet his new family, but regrettably, this little guy was planted on the day of his adoption. His tale went popular on social media, and things changed dramatically when he got a permanent home.

According to MILENIO.COM, Vicente was in the care of Fundación Rescátame, a facility in Bogotá, Colombia, where dogs are cared for and housed until they find a permanent home.

His prospective adopter stopped the procedure at the last minute, and the charity informed him on their Facebook page, where they published:

“Vicente was left dressed and in a tizzy, and he is still up for adoption.” Vicente’s ostensible adopter never showed up. He canceled his adoption when he was ready for a house and bathing ».


People on the internet responded quickly to the puppy issue, and many expressed their displeasure with the circumstance by sharing the organization’s article. As a result, the story went viral, and a family chose to give the beautiful pooch a permanent home after viewing his pictures.


The organization shared the great news that Vicente had found a family interested in adopting him just hours after the original article.

They posted beside a photo of the pooch and his new family:

“We never imagined his tale would go this far, thanks to everyone who was interested.” We’d like to inform you that Vicente has already been adopted by a wonderful family. We still have over 40 animal friends at the foundation looking for a home ».


The charity underlines that its work does not end there, and that there are many more creatures out there looking for a forever home and a loving family.