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Dog Helps Her Owner By Bringing Diaper To Her Hands For The Newborn Baby

Meet this adorable dog named Wrigley that has learned to bring her owner’s Corinne her baby’s diapers.

Yes! As you just read it…

Corinne has told Bored Panda her dog’s story. She has said that Wrigley has stolen her heart from the day they met each other.

“We picked up Wrigley when she was just 8 weeks old at the Sarnia humane society. Her mom (Mabel) was rescued from an abusive home and when they found her, she was very pregnant and in very rough shape. A local dog daycare ended up fostering Mabel and the litter. My friend Beth, who worked at the daycare, contacted me because she knew I was looking to adopt a puppy in the near future. They weren’t sure on the puppies’ specific mix of breeds and it was the most diverse litter of puppies I had ever seen! I had met Wrigley’s litter a few times when they were young and originally, I wanted to choose a male puppy. Wrigley, however, had other plans when she kept crawling on me and engaging with me the most out of all of the puppies. She stole my heart from the day I met her, so I ended up picking her! She is now four and a half years old but still has her puppy energy! All of the puppies got adopted out to great homes and one of my friends adopted Mabel!”, she said.

Also, her owner added that dog is so smart and always wants to learn new things.

Corinne has also said that Wrigley helps her a lot by bringing diapers to her hands.

“Wrigley knows a lot of tricks! She had already learned how to bring me things that I dropped on the floor so I worked with that foundation and related the command “diaper” to specifically bringing a diaper to my hand. We practiced with food distractions and added in other fetchable objects to make the task more challenging for her! I also moved the diapers around the room and around the house so she would have to go find them. It was funny when she was learning the trick because after a training session was over, she would sometimes still bring me a diaper to get a treat even though I didn’t ask her from one, lol.”

What a smart and lovely dog.