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The Family Is Taken Aback When They Learn That Their ‘Dog’ Is Actually AFox

When you acquire a new dog, you never know what type of temperament he’ll have; you don’t know if he’ll be quiet, friendly, naughty, or highly interested; however, you do know what kind of animal he is, but a Peruvian family was astonished to learn that their new pet is actually a little fox.

The Sotelo family of Lima, Peru, went to a pet store in the city’s center to purchase a puppy. They came upon a little puppy who caught their hearts at the time, and they mistook it for a beautiful Husky dog.

The tiny Run Run came at the Sotelo home in June of this year, but the family had no idea what kind of animal he was at the time.


Run Run, on the other hand, appeared to be a regular dog, since he got along OK with the other dogs in the area.



sonido original – DQB

However, as time went and it began to develop, it became clear that something was amiss with the tiny Run Run’s behavior. As Run Run began to pursue the chickens and ducks in the area, the Sotelo family began to get numerous complaints from their neighbors.

But he didn’t just pursue them; he tracked them down and ate them, and his vicious behavior infuriated his neighbors.


As a result, the Sotelo family began to think that their beloved Run Run was not the adoring canine they had assumed.

They discovered that Run Run is an Andean fox, a species with tiny legs, a hairy tail, and huge ears, after further investigation.


The accusations kept coming in, and one lady said Run Run had devoured three of her guinea pigs. As predicted, the Sotelo family was forced to pay all of the animal owners who had their animals transformed into food by Run Run.

Maribel had no choice but to contact the country’s National Forest and Wildlife Service, since she need expert assistance.

Unfortunately, Run Run ran away from home the same day, and they were unable to locate him, so they began looking for him. Maribel just requested that the authorities capture the small fox and restore it to its original environment since its antics are costing her money.



Un velero llamado Libertad – Jose Luis Perales

Authorities ultimately spotted the tiny Run Run and were able to apprehend him, according to a video released on Tik Tok recently. Agents from Peru’s wildlife agency will now drive you to a nearby zoo, where they will teach you all you need to know about surviving in their environment.


Without a doubt, this remarkable episode drew the attention of the entire world.

However, officials claim that it is not the fault of the people because numerous traffickers in Peru capture and sell wild animals.