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Rescued Cow Still Demands Hugs From Her Foster Dad Every Morning

With her charming and lovely demeanor, a cow has captured the heart of her adoptive father. Despite the fact that much is spoken about these animals, few people are aware that they are really friendly creatures who appreciate personal touch and that, owing to their tranquil temperament, they are easy to approach.

Of course, some are far more emotional than others, and our heroine is one of them, a love-filled cow who is constantly seeking attention.

Ryan Phillips and his fiancée Mallory Sherman took in Jenna the cow when she was just a calf when she was rescued when she was only three days old.

She was like a giant baby to the couple, barely fitting in the back of their truck. The cow grew healthy and powerful throughout time, eventually reaching her present weight of over 450 kg.

Despite the fact that she is no longer a calf, Jenna continues to act as if she is a small animal that need constant care and cuddling from her parents. Her adoptive parents can only feed her sensitivity by giving her all the attention she asks for. She loves to be touched and to be the focus of her attention; the cow is overflowing with affection.

Jenna seeks for a way to obtain her daily dosage of hugs, regardless of the weather or what her father is doing.

“We’re pleased to constantly give in to her requests since she’s so cute,” Ryan remarked.

This lovely cow was born with a sibling. Unfortunately, this resulted in her being born with a genetic aberration known as Freemartin, which is a sterile cow created during a repeated gestation involving both sexes. Jenna was discarded by the dairy business because she was infertile and did not produce milk.

That’s how she ended herself in the life of Ryan and Mallory, who recognized her right away as a unique cow and didn’t hesitate to save her. Ryan had this to say about it:

“Jenna’s personality has always been as lively and complete as it is now. I believe she believes she is another human since I spend 24 hours a day with her, and she has the mentality that she can do whatever she wants with me.”

This adorable cow has always displayed her gentle demeanor, and she is always yearning for affection and all of her parents’ attention. Jenna does not spend a day without receiving her embrace.

“She finds us at any window in the house and moos until we come out, hug her, scratch her, or run around the yard,” Ryan explained.

Nothing is more important to Jenna than receiving her daily hugs, and no matter how big or old she is, she seeks for a way to keep doing what makes her so happy.

“From the beginning, one of her favorite things has been to place her head on my leg and push her away as I wrap my arms around her neck and scratch her. That’s her way of snuggling, and it may go up to 20 minutes when she needs to be this affectionate cow,” Ryan explained.

Jenna stumbles across her foster sister Maisie, another cow acquired by Ryan and Mallory, while she isn’t searching for cuddles. They are the most pampered creatures at Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary when they are all together.

The pair said that while receiving kisses from a cow was unusual at first, they now love it and are pleased to have such friendly animals. Ryan stated, ”

“It possesses tongues that are similar to cats’, but they are considerably larger and more powerful. He’s a harsh guy, but you grow to love him because it’s his way of letting you know you’re a pack member.”