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A Drowning Dog Clings To The Edge Of The Well And His Wish To Be Rescued Comes True

Animal Aid Unlimited volunteers in the Udaipur, Rajasthan, India region are always engaged helping animals in need. The rescue of a Labrador retriever who was in danger of drowning was no different, and it was nothing short of a miracle since the dog was terrified and exhausted, and time was rapidly running out.

There was nowhere for him to rest or climb; the dog had either fallen in or been thrown into a well that was 70 feet deep. She had undoubtedly spent hours fighting to remain afloat and would eventually perish.

A dog who had fallen down a deep hole and was battling for his life was called into Animal Aid Unlimited.

Posted by the organization on Facebook:

“It appeared that she had been battling for her life in the sea for hours.”

She was deteriorating quickly and was clinging to the well wall’s sides by a thread.

It wouldn’t have lasted for very long, but the rescuers showed up just in time and down to save her.

When the savior, Ganpat, put on a harness and a rope and swiftly descended the wall of the steep abyss, he had almost completely lost his strength. His paws were covered in blood from his attempts to grab onto the well’s edges.

The dog realized that her “prayers” had been heard when she met Ganpat. She swam swiftly in his direction, made her way to the net, and was plucked from it.