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This Is The Bear Who Was Rescued From A Zoo By A Russian Woman, And These  Two Are Now Closest Friends Since That Day 

It’s one thing to photograph a group of pals on a fishing trip, but it’s quite another when one of them is a grizzly bear. Veronika Dichka, a resident of Novosibirsk, Russia, chose to adopt Archie, a bear from a safari park that had to close due to financial difficulties.

Archie was saved from a circus when he was a cub, and he has lived at the zoo with other animals since since. Unfortunately, the zoo had to close owing to several issues brought by the epidemic, as it became more impossible to sustain the facility’s bills.

Veronika acted at that particular time, knowing that Archie could not live in the wild because he had always been held captive.


The kind woman decided to adopt him and provide him with the life he deserved for the rest of his life.


According to Veronika, who spoke to the Daily Mail,

“We can’t release it in the wild because it’s a bear that’s spent its whole existence in captivity.”


Veronika was familiar with the bear because they had worked together on countless picture shoots, but they were just two coworkers. However, after adopting him, they became inseparable friends, as seen by the picture recordings of their lovely connection.


Both act like any other pair of friends and enjoy the companionship they receive on a regular basis, so they make the most of their free time by participating in a variety of activities.

Although their relationship is implausible, it is nonetheless poignant for those who are familiar with their background and are moved by the photographs.


Each has their own personality and likes; Archie is brilliant, has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and is quite disciplined, as well as overly loving and spoilt. Veronika, on the other hand, is a model and a professional dancer, but they have a taste in common, and it’s time for some sport fishing.


Even more recently, a video was published showing friends enjoying a day of fishing on Lake Novosibirsk. The day was fantastic for both of them, and it was captured in a series of images that Veronika opted to share with her Instagram followers.

Archie appeared cheerful, and he sat in the small boat by himself, holding the fishing rod and oars, as if he understood what he was doing.

Veronika continued:

Archie lives with us every day and is very enamored with water. He like it when I take him to new areas, so this fishing trip was a treat for him.


The bear considers Veronika to be a member of his family, which is why he enjoys spending time with her and even sharing meals with her. They also sleep together, she continuously cuddles her companion, and Archie hides behind her when he is afraid.


Veronika has taken on the role of their protector, and they are both grateful to have each other to share their days with.