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Thousands Of Innocent Mink Are Being Slaughtered For Fear Of Coronavirus Contagion

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, everyone and everything is in fear, even animals as potential carriers of the disease. It affected the Netherlands as well, and due to a government decision, 1600 animals had their lives put an end.

A coronavirus epidemic was discovered at a Dutch mink farm starting in June, according to a public announcement from the Ministry of Agriculture, and sirens were set out right away to prepare for action.

The material released indicates that a farm worker caught the illness from minks. The sanitary procedures and controls, together with other limitations, were thus implemented right away.

Any such warning is deemed a “risk to public health,” and the government responds with force. In order to prevent harm to their skin, it was therefore decided to end the lives of 1,600 female minks and their offspring at the Deurne farm using carbon dioxide.

These creatures are ill. Because we don’t want the infection to spread further, they are slaughtered and disposed of at the Son facility, according to Benno Bruggink, director of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

To the detriment of the extirpated species, the 140 mink farms that are now operating in the Netherlands provide great economic returns. The ministry anticipates that by 2024, these enterprises will no longer exist in any form.

Despite the protests and demands made by organizations that support animal welfare, the action was carried out. And they will continue to be used on the remaining farms to identify and stop any viral outbreaks.

Unfortunately, the fate of the minks is accompanied by very negative omens; if they do not vanish because of concern that they would spread COVID-19, they will eventually become raw materials for the manufacture of coats and other items for the fashion business.

Disgruntled individuals posted remarks against what transpired as soon as the news was posted on social media. Most committed their lives to preserving natural harmony and defending wildlife.