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After Being Rescued, A Shy Kitten Develops Faith In Another Cat Who Is Like Her

Two little felines were sighted exploring the fringes of a neighborhood in Montreal, Canada; weeks later, only the little tabby remained when he returned to the household who had fed him. Treats were used to entice the timid cat away from the streets.

The family called Stefany, a Chatons Orphelins Montréal shelter volunteer. She looked after the young child and transferred him to Montreal; he was in poor health and was quite bashful.

Celine Crom, a member of Montreal’s Chatons Orphelins, told Love Meow:

Alvin is his name. He was infested with fleas and ear mites, and his stomach was worm-infested.


Alvin was anxious when the vet was checking on him, and as soon as he arrived at his foster home, the kitten fled into hiding to feel comfortable. He didn’t feel comfortable in his new house since the young one required time and bravery to adjust to all of the changes.


Alvin’s new family tried to make him feel at ease by snuggling him for extended lengths of time, covering him in a towel, and holding him in their arms for short durations of time. They also placed him with other kittens, and one of the cats opted to adopt him.

Celine explains:

“He was hesitant, but he’d start purring if we held him like a donkey.” He was the only one of his litter born outside to survive. All I needed was to feel safe and secure.


A few weeks after the shy kitten Pippa arrived, another kitten was discovered outside a house. When the owner of the establishment heard the cat’s cries, she decided to leave food for her in the hopes of earning her confidence, and after three days, she was able to bring her inside her house.

The kitten appeared to be in terrible health, was hungry, and had a serious upper respiratory infection.


He sought assistance from the shelter as quickly as possible. Pippa was treated by a veterinarian on the spot. Treatment for her eyes and other ailments began right away, and the cat was up and about in no time, owing to the excellent care she got.


Pippa’s fun attitude emerged soon; she was interested and liked being petted. His large, stunning eyes always looked to be filled with awe.

Celine recalls:

She grew more playful and learned to trust her humans as soon as she met them. It didn’t take her long to curl up next to us and purr.


Everything was amazing the minute Alvin met Pippa. The kitten soon approached her and followed her about, losing her shyness and becoming a constant companion to Pippa, whether they were playing, eating, or napping. Since meeting her, he’s grown into a bold kitty.


Celine continues:

Alvin enjoys following Pippa around and teasing her into playing with him. They have a strong friendship and frequently share sleeping quarters.


The two felines look after and cherish one another, and they always find time for each other. Alvin became a more confident cat after meeting Pippa, and he is no longer scared to explore; in fact, he admires her so much that he is always attempting to emulate her.

Celine guarantees:

«Despite the fact that they are not from the same litter, they are quite close. Both kittens were rescued from the streets and are now seeking for their permanent home.