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Window Washer Waves Goodbye At Dog After They Become Friends, Now Dog Is So Sad That Guy Is Gone

This cute dog named Aubrey loves people. Dog’s mom Natalie Koppel says that Aubrey likes to play with every person and love them more than treats.

Well, that’s a fact!

But one day something unexpected happened.

Aubrey was hanging out at home when suddenly she noticed a man outside the window. He was washing the windows and dog got surprised.

But Aubrey wanted to play with man so badly.

“He smiled so big,” Koppel said. “It looked like he wanted to actually take her toy when she offered it to him and play with her … He pretended to grab it through the window and you could tell she really wanted to give it to him and play.”

But dog decided not to give up.

“She stayed by the window with him the whole time he was cleaning our windows,” Koppel said. “She could not keep her attention off of him and kept jumping on the window sill to try and get as close as possible to him.”
At the end, man waved at Aubrey and went away.