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He Ended Up Saving A Colt That Was About To Be Murdered And Create A Prosthetic So That It May Walk Once Again

Viper, a colt who is generally sociable, had one of the worst events in an animal’s life when he was a youngster. After an incident that left him in excruciating pain, this horse lost one of his hind limbs.

The vets chose to amputate his limb at that moment since his life was in danger and they didn’t want to sacrifice him.

Rodrigo Ramos

Fate connected the animal with Rodrigo Ramos, a veterinary student who is eager and dedicated to his vocation and who has made a remarkable difference in Viper’s life.

This young guy from Colatina, Brazil, northeast of Espiritu Santo, who is only 22 years old, was able to give the foal a second chance.

Rodrigo Ramos

Viper was taken to the UNESC University Hospital in August of this year with a severe damage to the left pelvic leg and deteriorating vascular function. Diogo Almeida Rondón, a doctor, was the one who was given the case.

“There were two options available to us: amputation or euthanasia. Although we are aware that the outcomes in these situations might be disappointing, we chose to protect the animal’s life, added Almeida.

Rodrigo Ramos

For his final degree project, the ninth-year veterinary student created a prosthetic limb for Viper. Ramos was working on a drastic transformation for the animal’s life rather than just a title, though.

Rodrigo created a unique prosthetic to allow the horse to walk normally once more. After doing some study, the young guy chose to combine fiberglass and aluminum to create a durable and lightweight orthopedic prosthesis, even though they are not particularly prevalent in Brazil.

Rodrigo Ramos

Viper participated in many tests that were conducted on the prosthesis before it was fully finished.

Ramos added that after the initial test, “we realized that it was just necessary to increase height and aesthetics since the animal acclimated extremely well, managed to walk properly.”

Rodrigo Ramos